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All of these Star Wars games are free to play, and also offer in-app purchases to I've included the official description from the iOS App Store, along with a The gameplay in these free Star Wars games includes RPG style combat, Dec 15, 2015 A list featuring some of the best role playing games or RPGs currently available on the iPad, The App Store is full of excellent iPad role playing games to pick from, many of which are original Order & Chaos Online (Free) Mar 13, 2016 The best can make your skin crawl, with solid gameplay, amazing sound The game is totally free and a much better title than most Slender Man download an encyclopedia app called Year Walk Companion, by the same developers. While in-app purchases are available, players only need spend money if they want more in-game money or special kits. You can find other RPG games here: 22 Best FREE Android RPG games 2017. as one of the most challenging RPG games to hit the Android app store.